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Heading out of the Reno/Sparks valley

Can anyone tell me what that is? Not a quiz...I don't know...

Who said Nevada was flat?

I don't know what this is either.


Note that building way out there. Now...

note the company. I didn't expect that.

I HATE being passed by a triple semi! I swear that third...



A beautiful sight

I got on the road in Reno earlier than I usually do. I was on I-80 by 9 a.m. and it would have been slightly sooner if Boots, my cat, hadn't decided to hide. Amazingly, he can actually hide in such places that takes me a bit of time of find him! He's a wonderful traveler, though, and doesn't make a sound on the road. He just curls up on his baby blanket in the carrier and sleeps most of the way. When we park for the day, he just moseys out of his carrier and stretches. Although I usually like to have a couple of cups of coffee and spend some time in front of my computer before getting to the serious business in the morning, I woke up very early and got on my way. Tonight, Boots wants to play fetch with his rat, and I want to crash. It was a 340 mile day...tomorrow will be 350. Both longer than I like.

I'll post some photos of the great state of Nevada along I-80 from Reno to Wells. There's a beautiful mtn. range between Elko and Wells and I think it is the Ruby Mountains. If not, I hope someone will correct me. I already have 3 messages in the Guest Book and thank you. I guess that's why I don't feel lonely on the road. Always seem to have someone riding along with me.

Life is good.

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