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We took the city bus to oushkar because we didn't want to wait till the direct bus was full. The bus terminal was nuts. It was about 50 huge buses all blowing their horn at the same time. Everyone was calm until their bus came then it was a mad dash to get a seat otherwise you were standing. We thought we were smart by getting a window seat for air but it was more like a heater blowing full blast on you for for a couple hours haha. I had some serious swass by the end. We were pouring water on our heads by the end of it and getting laughed at. We met two iltaly ans,  a brother and a sister who were also going to pushkar. Guilia and sylvie,  a brother and sister. Turns out the guy is an actor living in holloywood and he said he was in the latest Facebook comercial. Didn't know Facebook had commercials. So we took the bus from jaipur to a city called ajmer, then switched buses to go to pushkar on the other side of the mountain. The bus chugged it way up back and forth as we got higher. I swear I could run faster . The corners were tight and when we got in a somewhat flat stetch the bus driver would gain speed to make the next incline. As we got to the top it felt like a roller coaster at the peak just before you plummet to the bottom. The driver pretty much held on the brakes the whole time screeching our way down to the town. I don't know why but I feel weirdly calm in transit here. I think it's because I know they do this day in day out.. it's normal for them and everyone else riding is chill as cucumbers not batting an eye . So we wound back down and came to the stop . Again, another maddash to get off before the next group of ppl waiting for the bus piled on. We stayed at this hotel, hill view with a pool.. it was actually quite cold which was nice on the toes but I didn't swim bc i think it was doubling as a bird bath. We got a huge room but there was no a/c like we asked for. 

Ladt night we could hear super loud music from down towards the market and there was a big spotlight shining into the sky. O asked the guys in the kitchen what it was and they told me it was a wedding and asked if i was going. Weve been invited to 3 weddings already nut can never go because we never stay in ome place long enough. When we were in jaipur we were in a little shop and the man invited us and told us wr could borrow  saree for the wedding if we decided to go. The people seem very nice here. If you go into a shop they have you sit down and show you their products. Im getting better at bartering. Weve learned for tuktuks you basically have to go right up to thwm with confidence and say your price and the olace u wanna go. Dont ask how much first, and if they say its too much just walk away. Sure enough, nine times out of ten you hear "hello, madame hello! And they are down for a price war with other tuktuks. It sucks having to low ball and exhausting to always have to fight for cheaper price but getting the price u want feels like a win. I think I've seen every possible thing in traffic and heard every possible horn sound on planet earth. On the bus ride I swear our bus driver layed on the horn for 30 seconds straight while we were driving down the highway. You'll be going down the road in a tuktuk and no lie within 5 minutes you'll pass a billion cars and tuktuk( of course) then buses, elephants, camels, bicycles, dogs, goats, pigs, tractors, water tanks, horses pulling carts ... I saw one guy just full out running alongside traffic in jaipur. It's already  coming to a point where things don't surprise me. Everything is so bizarre and sometimes the way things have to be done here are so backwards. We've been joking that india is a circus run by turkeys.

Aylish has been feeling pretty crappy so we just chilled last night. I was going to go out for a bit but it was getting dark and decided not to. We switched hotels today to one with a/c so aylish could sleep off whatever it is she has. The first one I went and scoped out for us was down an alley and had two dogs that starting going nuts at me so I moved along. And found another nicer one and got the price down to half price for a room with ac , private bathroom and a balcony with a view of the mountains. I'm out and about in the market right now sitting at a rooftop cafe chugging water it's 39 degrees right now at 2pm. My view is of Pushkar Lake.  Pushkar is one of the 7 Holy cities in India,  it's known for its bathing ghats and healing waters. I came across one of them and sat down with a priest?  He said he was anyway lol I don't know. I think I may have been had.  Anyway we told me about the 53 bathing ghats,  each one commemorative of a maharajah and his family. I'm looking out and can see groups of people at each ghat bathing at the edge of the lake. This priest had a small plate with several entities that all together brought bhrama upon you. We said a prayer and he asked me about my family. He said I was lucky to have a big family. Lol   wad he just reciting lines? I don't know but it was still cool. He threw my plate of flower petals and sugar rocks and spices into the water and painted a red tilak in between my eyebrows-indicating I had prayed that day. 

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