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Today I woke up with my first mad dash to the bathroom. Mom, you jinxed me by asking about that haha. That's all I have to say about that lol.

We woke up and agreed we had to get our next couple of days planned out.  We went to the train station with the intention of booking a couple first class tickets but they're mostly booked up so we are gonna take buses for most of them. Everything is a puzzle here and everything take like 5 times as long to accomplish. It's good because it really tests your patience and mental stability lol. We don't realllly have a strict time line so it's not a huge issue but I can't imagine if I did. I'd need to know what I was doing like 10 days in advance.

We took a tuktuk to amer fort today. It's a little outside the city up on the hill. I'll post a pic from the bottom. We were so excited for the view! We walked at least a kilometre uphill ... with a couple breaks...and when we got the top the security guard and another guy told us we weren't at amer fort. It was instantly laughable because it was almost expected since everything is the most confusing and nothing is easy. Also... we slept in a bit and got there at 2pm and it was the hottest temperature I've ever felt in my entire life. It was 45 today. . I think we drank 8 litres of water between the two of us. I didn't even really pee that much today...TMI? Just shows how much we needed it and we're sweating. It also made me thankful for my good running shoes I bought in Goa. I saw some Indian girls walking up in platform sandals.. wth? This fort was built in 1670 of I remember correctly for the mararajah that was living there at the time. It was a pretty cool place. So many different hallways and rooms and little tucked away spots. The art was magnificent. We got some good pictures for sure. There are two lakes on either side but they were pretty dried up at this time. There were monkeys at this fort but they were nice and chill and not excitable.. I think bc ppl don't feed them. thank goodness. They give me anxiety haha.

We came back down to the city and shopped a bit more, came back to the hostel and made friends with a Canadian from Calgary and an older man from devon country in England.  Hrs got a lot of good stories. He's been in India since the beginning of December.  We got on the topic of bhang lassi. Lassi is a yogurt milk drink thing.. but with the bhang they add hash and you can get mild medium or strong.  They're quite popular is jaipur apparently. Anyways I was asking him what he did and he sounded like someone who didn't stick in one place for a while. He said he doesn't really remember the 80s haha. He was really interesting to talk to, lots of good stories of his travels. His name was Martin.

We went to the liquor shop about 15 minutes before it wad closing and it was insane-town. There were about 20 people trying to buy whiskey in a space the size of where the kitchen table is at home. Again... patience and personal space are tested in each task you try to do here.

I'm starting to get a hang of bartering and being assertive but it's so hard and so exhausting. It's true when they say literally everyone is trying to f you over. Patience and confidence go a long way. When you ask a tuk tuk driver how much a certain place that you know is only 70rs, they automatically say 200.. then after you say too much and walk away it's an instant battle between tuktuks to get the cheapest fair. Even if it is just to go a kilometre.

There's so much to write down! I'm having a great time. Aylish is keeping me laughing at every opportunity. We're in our bunks now and just had a laugh fit in the dark about pooping.

Also.. side note-my foot is just about healed. Yay

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