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Start of rockery wall

The neighbour's side




First warm day - dinner outside

Eagle checking out our dinner

Motoko in her daily sunbeam



Rhododendron saved from the old house

Rock path in front of the sweet peas and the Canada 150...

Rock wall completed

Ferns and hosta saved also

Northern Pintail

Family of four

Family of 12


Golden Warbler

Here's a different visitor!

Northern Pintail

One lone duckling - he didn't make it

Hooded Mergansers

Bottoms up!

Wood duck - rare in these parts

Canada 150 tulip



Female Red-Winged Blackbird

Eating one of the big cedar stumps ready for the fence

Sitting around the gas firepit




Wood duck

White pigeon


Rockery complete with red pot

First item on the smoker - flank steak

Lower fence

Blueberry bushes planted

Garden beds and fence


Eaglets are almost as big as the adults


Second item smoked - ribs!




Merganser babies

Continuing the path

Beds for beans and raspberries

Geese at the salad bar in front of our house

Lower fence with "lattice"

Heron at the Marsh

Mama duck just resting

Then this group showed up!


Red hot pokers in bud

Twice baked potatoes - part of Maureen's birthday dinner - tenderloin also!

Mike and Cynthia - our friends from Santa Cruz who we met...

Pender Harbour

Lougheed estate - Lougheed Hwy, Lougheed Mall - in Burnaby


Painted Boat Resort

Net-drying building - these are from the 1930's - some have been...

Cute little house





Eagle on our beach

New heron nest - in a very unprotected place

Babies in the salad bar

Right out front - still not one of our eaglets

Northern Shovellers

Two teals and a cinnamon teal in one shot!

Nine of these big canoes were portaged right by our house

From Fort Langley

From Fort Saskatchewan

Young adult in our tree






Having a drink


Father's Day dinner - simply amazing!

The Chef

Red hot pokers - now in full bloom

Sweet peas

Veggie garden making good progress!

A lot of landscaping (once the sun came out) and a lot of birds this segment. We've watched through our telescope our two eaglets growing from little grey beings to quite big birds. They are now poised for flight but we will miss this stage while we are away. Some of the vegetables will also be ready while we are gone but Kelly will tend to them, watering and eating them if necessary!

It's been wonderful getting to know our beautiful house and working in the garden. The amount of rain we've had has been a challenge - no point working in the mud but progress has been made. Mike and Cynthia, who we originally met in Nova Scotia and who we have visited a couple of times in Santa Cruz, CA stopped in for a nice visit from June 9 to 14 with their RV. They fully tested the sani-station, the 50 amp power and water hookup we have for our RV friends. Everything worked great and they loved it here. We went for a 90 minute tour around Pender Harbour in the SloCat.

Kelly has been impressive with two wonderful dinners he cooked for Mother's Day and Father's Day including Flapper Pie for Larry and with the work he's put in on the landscaping and the fence. While we are gone, he and the neighbour (also Larry) will complete the rest of the fence.

We're packing for our trip and the next installment will be all about that. We are going to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary in Ucluelet this weekend then on to points north - including Alaska and the Yukon. We will be back the end of July!!

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