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Alright so the sleep in the Mumbai airport was the worst. We both took gravol and it hit us like bricks. We were in a different terminal than I was in last time. Last time it was quiet, and carpeted, and there were literally beds to sleep on. In this terminal? No. Hard cold rock to sleep on.. didn't plan in advance for that. So that was shitty.

Moving on... we got to Jaipur, which is the capital city of rajasthan with 13 million people at about 7am and the temp was 31 degrees. We're staying in another roadhouse hostel and it's great

We're in an all girls a/c room and the staff is super helpful.they let us check in early and we slept till about noon. We got up and ready to go and got a tuktuk down to the pink city

It's buildings are all painted pink , which is the colour for hospitality. The part of the city was painted pink by Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh II to impress Prince Albert during his tour of India in the 1870s. There's a law that still stands today that any mew buildings must be painted this dirty pink colour... lol.

We went down to take a look at a Fort in the middle of a lake.. not rlly sure what was the deal there.. our tuktuk driver then stopped in at a spot where some men were cleaning elephants that were going to be in a wedding parade. Actually we were invited to a wedding earlier today.. I forgot about that. We also tried on saris. 6metres of cloth wrapped around you and the end metre is made into a blouse.

To end the day we went to a place called monkey temple. There are so many monkeys and I hate them. They're so michevious and up to no good. But they're cute. It's a love hate. I was actually chased by one earlier today and I think that's why I can't get passed being at ease when they're around. We stayed up at this temple at the top of the hill and watched the sunset. We hiked around a little but. It was a great view of jaipur.

The people here in jaipur are very friendly but holy smokes do they very stare. Strings normal I geuss here. It's crazy to be so aware that you are the minority..pretty eye opening. The state is way less English than Goa so it has been an extra challenge communicating with people and signs and what not. I feel like there's so much that happens in a day that I can't possibly write it all down. I've written what came to mind and if there's anything else I'll add it in. We're going to bed early.. so tired from all the walking today.

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