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I'm writing from a cab with a/c. Friggin amazing.

Yesterday a couple of us ventured to the end of the beach to try to get to monkey island and butterfly beach... There's no monkey or butterflies there . There are people selling boat rides over there but we were able to walk across the river part between the two and just held our bags over our heads. It was cool over there.. it was pretty rocky.. I cut my foot on a rock :(. I've been keeping it super clean and with polysporin and then a dressing and a tensor wrap over top, and then a sock to top it off haha. I let it out to air last night and it's way better. We pretty much just hung

out at the hostel all day. We read a bit. We got a motorbike and biked around for a bit too. It kind of looks like hawaii here in palolem.. there are rolling hills surrounding the village. Everyone here is getting ready for monsoon season which will start at the end of may, beginning of June. They take down all the huts and shops and do somewhat of a job cleaning out the ditches. Our taxi driver right now said sometimes it'll rain for 2 weeks on and two weeks off.. which he said would be best for everyone but they can never tell what it will be like.  It's a long weekend in India , tomorrow is a labor day for all industries and big businesses so most things are closed. We're taking this cab up to Margao then we'll take a bus to Panaji, which is the main city in Goa. The bus from Margao to Panaji is 40rs and we were able to sit in the ladies only section and munch on our 20rs samosas.. yum.. Our flight is tonight at midnight to Jaipur. Never thought I'd say this but I'm excited to get away from the beach. Goa was amazing but I'm looking forward to seeing something new and getting into the real india if u can call it that. We said our goodbyes to Jon today. He told us if we were ever in northern spain to get in touch with him. Such a gem.

  We were just talking about how this can ride feels like an arcade game and on the straight aways the yellow arrows the make you go super fast haha. This cab ride is making me feel sick so I'm gonna stop writing and maybe take a gravol


We spent the day in Panjim. . I geuss a smaller section of Panaji.  Goa is the state, Panaji is the city and Panjim is the section. We didn't really too much bc we had our full backpacks with us.. We checked out lonely Planet for some suggestions. We went to a big cathedral on top of a hill called our lady of immaculate conception i think... pretty cool place. We also looked for  theese gardens that apparently we passed srveral times ... they were definitaly noy gardens. We walked past families having picnics with their blankets laying over garbage but then youd turn around and youd have this awesome view of a road lined with portugeuse houses freshly painted and bright(a rarity).

We stopped in at this western type mall. Honestly is was better then the cornwall square haha. I invested in a good pair of sneakers there to keep my injury and back safe. I love them already. They're a basic Grey pair of sket

We went to an irish bar called cafe mojo.... great name for an irish bar right? It was hilarious. We went in and there was loud club music playing and it was dark and not very busy. "Off season".. that's what all the business owners say when they want your business at this time of year. Anyway... the big deal at this bar was that you buy a card and place it over this electronic reader and there's a tap at your table. You drink as much as you want and then pay at the end. We just wanted two beers but our waiter ( who's English was limited) kept pushing this super fantastic deal of buy 4, get 4 beer free. We thought maybe we would do it because we had time to kill before our flight but we wanted to tell him we didnt want all 8 beer at once. But everytime we asked him something all he would do wad the indi head nod and we weren't getting anywherreee. It was pretty funny actually. Then he called over his coworker and he tried again to et us to buy the table side tap deal. All we wanted was a cold beer haha. It was impossible.

We walked around some more and stopped at a retauarant before going to the airport. We were beyond full for 320rs for the two of us.  I got an onion Masala dosa. Friggin delish. Aylish asked for her leftover butter chicken to go and he brought it back in a paper bag.We took a tuk tuk to the airport and hung around for a while. We rearranged our luggage and I found a little rum bottle that we had from palolem. So we bought some coke and had a few drinks while we waited the couple of hours before we were able to check in. We had some good laughs.  Aylish has a good way at telling her bathroom stories.. I'll leave it at that. The check in at the airport is so hilarious . You go thru, then five feet later they check everything again. And again... and again.. I geuss it's good but it just seems funny.  We have a layover in mumbai and I know they have comfy couches to lay on there.. looking forward to it

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