Judy and Peter US and Cuba 2017 travel blog

Early checkout from our not so delightful hotel. It did the job and was in a convenient location as far as public transport goes so that was an advantage. It's our first Uber experience today so we are leaving early to make sure we get to the Greyhound depot in plenty of time. Were also not sure how bad the traffic will be and if Google maps time estimates take this into account. All worked well...Maria, our driver arrived within 5 minutes, the trip took the time expected (we travelled in the car pool lane and then express lane) and we had plentry of time at Greyhound to have a coffee and something to eat before boarding the bus. That was an experience in itself as the lady in front of us was deaf and also appeared to have a few mental health issues. She was talking very loudly and asking us and another lady in the queue about her trip from LA to Michigan and whether her luggage would be on board and where she had to get off and on and on and on. Oh dear. The other lady was going as far as Denver so said she would make sure the deaf lady knew what was going on until there. When we boarded, the same thing continued. She was worried whether her luggage was on the bus (we put our own in, she'd given hers to someone else to put on) and kept asking the lady next to her. Then she went through the whole process of getting off and on and where again and again. Needless to say, she kept us from being bored.

The terrain is very desolate on the drive between LA and Vegas. Very little vegetation and lots of rocks and rocky hills/mountains. You can see it was a volcanic area.

We stopped at Barstow for a rest break. I couldn't believe how many alternatives there were for food and drinks and souvenirs. It was really busy too and it looks as though a lot of buses stop there. Back on the bus and off to Vegas.

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