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We got here and had an amazing day on the beach. We walked down and explored. . It's a little more rocky so you have to climb and work a little for the view but it was nice. The three of us got to the end of the most deserted Peninsula of the beach, had a smoke and talked about our favorite animals. We came back and a girl spotted my Canadian passport. I hadn't met any canadians until today. On the beach today I heard a guy say " "hold on I gotta make some change and buy some darts" ...turns out he was from Ottawa Valley.

We had a delish dinner with the hostel crew at a place called avacado garden.i wasn't too hungry so I didn't order much but the food looked amazing. The veg thali that aylish got a meal that could easily feel two. Thali is a dish that just has a 3 or 4 different bowls of food with a large portion of rice to go with. The locals eat it with their hands and I like it.. Pretty traditional looking. Aylish and I tried the local liquor today.. it's called Fenni and it's disgusting. We asked for coconut fenni and the guy brought our cashew fenni and said it was the same thing..... alllllrighty then. Haha I wouldn't recommend more than one taste.

The hostel we are at now is called Roadhouse.. supposed to be high in the lonely Planet ranking... but I ended up washing the sand off my body by taking a buddy-the-elf style shower..I resorted to the wet Wipes and not giving a frig about my appearance mentality, it works the best.

This hostel has hammocks and ducks and puppies ( although I won't touch them) but it is a super chill spot. I think starting in GOA was an ease into india... I'm excited to see more and get into the real india culture. .. I think the last couple of days may have been a breeze by the sounds of it haha.

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