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Yesterday we rented motorbikes for the day and drove up to Arambol beach. We were told there was surfing up there but we didnt come across any. We spent the day on the beach and walking thru the market there. The motorbikes were an experience. Aylish drove and I rode the back...for some reason I was completely calm during the whole experience. Aylish took to it like a pro. There are signs every once in a while pointing in the direction of where to go but we relied mostly on slowing down, asking someone ome on the street and they would just point in the general direction haha it worked though! It was about 40 mins for our hostel so it was cool way to see a bit more of northern Goa. We stopped at this retauarany at the top of a hill and had a gorgeous  view of the ocean. The night before I was feeling sick and didn't eat supper and missed the breakfast hours in the morning so by the time we got there I was starving and the meal was awesome. I've been eating mostly vegetarian and the food is delish. One thing tho.... while we were at our table a cat came up and sat beside us and dropped a fish head. Jon asked the waiter about it and he just laughed and said it was fine lol.

The motorbikes rum on basically nothing for days... we stopped to get some gas which they sell in recycled water bottles and you can get it every kilometer or so there's someone selling it at their shop and they'll come out and bring a waterbottle cut in half and use it as a funnel. The most people I've seen on one is of them being a baby on the drivers lap.

In Amabol we walked along the shops and stopped at one place...where a young man was making jewelry.  He makes it all by hand.. like that string knotting type of jewelry.  His name was Vitoo,  which he told me means freedom. He asked me what my name means and I said I had no idea... he just laughed at me.

On the way home we drove by a big cathedral so we stopped in. There was a summer festival going on. Something like they have in the standrews outdoor rink.. fishing for toys, ring toss things like that. They had a stage set up and music playing but it was this loud bass filled trance music.. that's all I've heard here! It's hilarious. When we were in the church looking around it was all quiet and 'silence ' signs everywhere then we were walking out and 'DUGH DUGH DUGH' ( thats my onamanepeia for trance music lol). There's so many Russians here so on the beach that's all you hear, in the market the stores selling the Cds just blare it.. and apparently in the churches too haha

ive started noticing the Indian head nod that everyone does. They shake their heads in a mix of yes and no head nods and it means anything. It can mean yes, no, maybe, I don't know, let me think about it, I agree...... it's it if u have a secI geuss there's a certain way or tone that goes with it that distinguishes but I obviously can't tell. It's funny.. I asked the security guard if the laundry was done and he did the little head nod and stared back at me..... okk? ? Sooo? Should I come back or? Haha   turns out it was finished and he unlocked the door for us.

This morning was rough, it was sooo hot last night and our room was full ( 10 bunks) but after a shower and some breakfast I was feeling better.  There just happened to be a shuttle bus going from the hostel to Palolim in the south. We lucked out bc otherwise we would have had to take three buses and it would've taken almost 5 hours. Plus this shuttle has airconditioning. Sweet. Jon is coming with us to the south.. it's nice to have another set of eyes with us and also to have a guy traveling with us, not that we've had any issues so far.

As I write this I feel like I could write for pages and pages. There's so much to talk about... it's just constantly stimulating being here. We've met a couple ppl on this bus who are traveling aloe and spending sometimes as much as 6 months backpacking in India and South East Asia.  Wild.

There's random police checks along the roads.. this police man just waved us on but our Soon as we went thru we took it off. That's when I noticed the engine light is blinking for the bus lol. Only a couple hour bus ride... no big deal right?

Leah, the Irish girl from the hostel was telling us she was stopped and the police officer , if he even was one.. asked for her lisence but she doesn't have one. He asked her for 2000Rs as a fine which is outrageous.. 50 bucks.  She didn't say anything and he goes ok 1000..... OK .. 500..   so she ended up paying him that. Another guy in the hostel said he just drove away lol. Crazy.

Also.. this litte indian girl on the bus has been meowing for the last 15 minutes... feels like home haha

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