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HELLO! I'm writing from my top bunk (terrible choice in hindsight) at our hostel in a town called Anjuna in Northern Goa. It's just about midnight and it's 28°c. All attempts at not smelling bad and not frizzy hair are pointless haha.. I took beckys advice and quickly set this journal up on my phone. Hope u enjoy :)

My trip over was good but as I boarded the final flight with Air India and going on hour 30 or so of traveling I was excited for that part to be done. Aylish flew over a week before me.. she spent some time in Mumbai but was finding that every traveller she met was only spending 1 pr 2 days there.... a central city in India but high turnover as travelers carry on with their trip. So she made her way down to Goa and I flew there instead to meet her. The Goa International Airport was interesting...the power wdnt out a couple time while i waiting for my bookbag. I knew power outages were frequent in India but it was the complete disregard of the outage by the people around me that i liked...another day, another power outage.I got a prepaid taxi... what a ride. It was about an hour taxi ride to the hostel in which I lost count of the number of times the horn was honked before we even left the airport taxi lane. At that point I was thinking whyyy. ..whyyy must you honk so much? But as we got going the honk became more of a signal to other drivers walkers and bikers to say "hey I'm here.. coming up behind you". Or on winding roads the driver would honk before taking the turn to make anyone approaching know they were coming. Even trucks on the road had written on the back " Blow Horn OK". The ride was my first real dose of sensory overload. I felt like I couldn't believe my eyes. Out by the airport it looked like the end of the world. Garbage, dogs, cows, people and huts everywhere. The smell was one of a kind I'll tell you that.

The hostel we are staying at is called Prison Hostel.... I know what you're thinking mom haha but it's great. A bunk for a night cost 450 rupees... that's about 9 dollars a night. It's a little more than normal prices for right now but it includes breakfast which the owner of the hostel, Richard, makes in the morning. It's the off season right now so there's only about 10 backpackers here from all over.Ill try to remember to take a pic of it tomorrow from the outside.

This morning Richard told us there was a flea market on the way to the beach so after a nap, breakfast and a much needed shower, me, aylish and also a newcomer to the hostel Jon, a 24 y.o solo traveler and spec ed teacher from Spain made our way down to the beach. The flea market was overwhelming. Every shop had "exactly what you need" and an answer for everything. One if the first things I was asked was "maam! How are you so white?!"... classic.

After some hardcore bartering and nevessary shooing away of sellers we got down to the beach, ordered a couple Kingfisher lagers and enjoyed the sun. The water was amazing..we weren't postie if it was actually the Indian Ocean or the Arabian sea.. but the waves were awesome and the water was so warm and when you got out the breeze dried you of in 10 mins. We went off the beach to get cheaper prices for lunch. I had my first curry dish of the trip and it was amazing. 150Rs for a veggie curry with rice..about 3 dollars. The guy serving us was very sweet... he was very happy to tell us about his 4 pet ducks that spent the day roaming around then at night he would call them back and they slept in a cage.

We spent the day in the sun and when we came back there were two new girls irish girl and an English girl. Everyone else here except me and aylish are solo travelers...these two girls met up in southern goa a couple weeks ago and decided to travel together. And another couple of guys-an Australian and a brit did the same. Pretty cool.. like minded strangers happen to meet and have an adventure together.... We chatted for a while the decided to grab a bite for supper, pick up a couple 90 ruppee beer(about bout 2$) and head back to the hostel.

After sitting out a while downstairs, i decided to go to bed .. I don't think I realize how tired my body is. The rest of the crew was going out tonight but I couldn't gather the energy. .. a little bit of FoMO going on but I'll be happier tomorrow.

That's it's for now!

Mellon xo

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