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Well folks, she is on the move again.

This has been a stop start trip for the last couple of months. Initially the trip was going to be Russia, Scandanavia, England/Scotland, Ireland but things changed and sister in law Maureen wasn't ready to go this time of year and John is unable to travel at present.

Daughter Eloise and our pseudo daughter Vanessa then took up the baton and decided to make the trip to St. Petersburg and Moscow and of course, John wanted me to go along when there was an opportunity to go with someone so I invited myself along. We made pretty good travelling companions on our trip to Japan 4 years ago so we will see how we survive this one.

Russian history has been one of my interests for many years and I am excited to be finally marking another tick off that old bucket list of mine. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to get much shorter no matter how many ticks I make!! Will be looking forward to seeing "The Hermitage" in St. Petersburg especially.

It has been a bit of a tense time over the last month getting our Visas organised for the trip with a wrong date on our invitation letter when we first applied and then Australia Post deciding to take 9 days to deliver a Registered Letter containing our Passports and second Application, then the Russian Consulate adhering strictly to their "10 day Visa processing" regime and their constant non-reply to my emails and not taking phone calls. I certainly did not trust that Australia Post would return our Passports and the desired Visas in time for our departure Sunday.

Finally my desperation must have oozed out of my final email as I received a reply at 9pm last Monday evening saying our Passports could be picked up and couriered from Sydney to Melbourne on Tuesday. It was with great relief by all three of us when the courier turned up last Wednesday morning with the envelope containing the Passports in question and we WERE going to Russia.

All winter woollies and thermals now packed, done most of the chores I need to do including filling up the freezer with some home cooked meals for John (for a change - didn't do it last time) and ready to head out to the airport this evening for the start of our adventure. Just got to convince the Emirates chauffeur that I didn't know he was only picking me up and not the two girls as well. Maybe a little moulah greasing his palms will work a treat!

Sit back, enjoy the ride and hopefully I can keep everyone updated on my adventures in chilly Russia.

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