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Getting off the train in Sydney and catching a cab to the hotel Mercure was such an internal happy dance moment. That feeling of being in a blender and finally being poured out was utopia. It was still only 11:30am and we could not check in to our room until 3pm. Mardi Gras weekend was coming and they were full. So we checked our bags with the concierge and bought tickets for the hop on hop off bus and took a tour of Sydney. Some rain sprinkled on and off but with the heat it felt good.

We got to see the famous Bondi beach, the houses on the cliffs over looking the ocean. The Australian version of Malibu. The Sydney Opera house, Central avenue, their Rodeo drive, the nightclub section, known as Randy, with every version you a strip club you can imagine. ....and some you can't. Museums, famous tennis courts, and golf courses. Professional Croquet fields with clubs playing against one another. The zoo where Bindi Erwin lived. It was a good day. .......and then we ate at Subway and it tasted so good.

We got into our room. I started 2 loads of laundry. We bought more alcohol wipes, panty liners, and hand sanitizer. More than ready for the trip home. That night was spent in the bathroom. Too late I realized I felt better because I had been on a liquid diet. The next day was the 16 hour flight with cruise crud still causing havoc.. I drank to stay hydrated but no food.

March 2, 2017 we managed to get our luggage checked, get through customs, security ,where my husband was wanded and hands on frisked because the ticket agent had tagged his boarding pass. She thought he was sweating too much. Waited the two hours to board a double decker plane. We paid an extra $120 to sit together in a cart aisle so we would have no other passengers by us. We left at 10:33am and arrived at LAX at 6:30am four hours before we left Australia.

At LAX we went through four different lines and machines with our passports and declarations. Had picture strips taken, drivers licenses swiped, passports strips run through machines, and individually asked questions. We were then allowed to go to baggage claim, retrieve our luggage, hustled outside to walk from the international terminal to domestic travel. We then started the process again. Checked our luggage, just made weight. Went through security, where we striped down, no shoes, no jackets no jewelry, watches, etc. and went through puffer machine. I was chosen to be hand patted down. Probably because I looked like death. This whole process took 4 1/2 hours. It was now 10:30am LA time. Our flight to Miami was delayed four hours and was leaving at 9:20pm LA time. So we spent 11 hours at LAX talking to people who were waiting for their flights, napping, and trying to stay hydrated. Watched the drama at the gate with a flight going to Shang Hi . Half the passengers had too much carry on and fought the the gate attendants to take it on board. One woman and her son were paged for twenty minutes that if if they did not get to the gate her luggage would be removed from the plane. Sure enough they closed the plane and here she comes. The crying and begging began to no avail. The flight left without her.

Miami here we come, landed at 5:15am. Friday, March 3, 2017 then in Tampa 10:56am. Three days and we were home.

I decided not to burn the clothes I was in but it will be a long time before they see the light of day.

The next morning we went to Urgent care got the antibiotics we needed, gut X-rays , stool samples, blood work

and bought plain food. 5 days later were told we were on the road to recovery and could begin to add food to our plain diet. Was is worth it. Yes, I would pack tomorrow and do it again.

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