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Well we were camped just 5 miles from the Mexico boarder. We have had to go threw several boarder check points on the roads. All you do is slow down and go past them so they can look you over, bunny gets a lot of attention from them.

The weather is HOT. In the 90's and we are not used to it. We brought lots of cold weather cloths with us expecting for it to still be cold. It might be once we start to head north. The news forecast for it to be hot all week in the 90's.

Everything has been doing OK. We are down for a few days to wait for our mail to catch up with us. Our good friend and neighbor Michelle has been collecting it and holding it for us and has now sent it on it's way. Thank God for good neighbors that you can trust in.

We have moved up north some to Quartzsite, Arizona. It's hard to believe how flat the land is. We will move from here to Lake Havasue to see the London Bridge.

Thanks for joining us and the replies that we get.

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