Traveling I-8 to I-10 across Arizona is far from exciting, and the amenities are few and far between. We stopped in Tucson for lunch and decided we would go a little further since we had lost a day in Yuma. Our destination was Benson where we stayed at a very unexciting dirt park, with no cable or antenna reception. Since the satellite dish on our roof has been deemed out of date our entertainment for the evening was limited to our recorded programs.

To explain, when we started out in the RV we had Direct TV. As we traveled we found that we could not get high definition reception from Direct, and we could not record one program while watching another. So October 2015 we switched to Dish. The dish on the roof gave us some issues because of the trees so they installed a permanent dish for us which worked just fine. When we moved on from South Carolina we had some issues but found a company in Florida which seemed to make things work reasonably well.

When we got to El Centro, once again we had problems. The Dish people told us that they had changed the programming from their satellites so our rooftop dish was no longer compatible. They installed a dish outside which worked just fine for the 5 months we were there. But now we are back on the road and once again not able to get reception. We have no intention of setting up the portable dish each night for one night stays, so we have to rely on the roof antenna for over the air programs, staying at parks that have cable, or watching programs which we have recorded.

That is why I am actually getting entries in the journal up to date. And we may actually begin to enjoy not watching the news every day.

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