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opera house roof from inside

main concert hall

main concert hall

main concert hall

Woke up to pouring Rain! We had a tour booked for inside the Opera house, so borrowed some brollies from the hotel and set off down there.

12 on the tour, which is good, as its normally 30+.

It has 6 different auditoriums. We went to the Drama theatre, the studio, the Joan Sunderland theatre, and the main concert hall.

The drama theatre sits about 600, and has seats which are not only very comfortable, but can absorb sound, so that when they rehearse, the sound us the same as if the seats are occupied!

The Studio used to be a recording studio, but is now used for small gigs and stand up comedians.

The Joan Sutherland theatre is named after the famous Australian opera singer. They were rigging the stage for La Boheme .

The main concert hall is awesome. Same seats as the drama and JS theatres. Organic has 10000 pipes !

Overall, a great tour. Back out to the rain now.

We went back to the hotel and put on grown up clothes, and wandered back out. We decided to go to a large indoor market before meeting Dan in the 3 Wise Monkeys pub.

Dan was 25 minster late, as his bus hit traffic.

We spent the afternoon drinking and eating and catching up. He got drunk quite early on 𯘊. He left to do some shopping before catching his bus, so we headed back to the hotel to pack.

He text us later to say he had missed his bus, and the only hotel he could get in was Ours! A costly mistake for Him!

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