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Today was really just a fill in day between Sydney and Canberra as we are not booked into Canberra show ground until tomorrow. We were on the road by our usual 10am and made our way very easily to the M3 and Hume highway as it was the route we had used for the last couple of days to get to Eastern Creek. We had hooked up the rear vision camera - but did it work? Nooooooo!! There is something very wrong with it, so not sure what we are going to do now. Mind you, we have coped well without it for so long now that I think it wouldn't matter if it went in the bin.

Anyway, we have driven to Belanglo and are camped in the forest again for one night. It is a really peaceful place- there is something very calming about the smell of pine forest and the sound of the wind through the pines. We took the dogs for a really long walk- there are tracks everywhere through the forest and the dogs love following the different smells. Unfortunately, we couldn't let them off lead - too many roo's- we'd never see them again if they took off after a roo here!

We were sitting outside the van before tea and had a flock of yellow tailed black cockatoo's eating the seeds from the pine cones in the trees right beside the van. Luckily, we weren't parked right under the trees as pine cones were falling fairly constantly from great heights to the ground. I am sure we would have ended up with a few dents in the car and/or van if we had been any closer! However, it was lovely having them so close- they really are a magnificent bird. The night promises to be quite cool tonight -at least we seem to have left the rain behind for the time being at least.

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