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Hey, I'm so sorry to disappear but as I said, we were on an island where internet wasn't too good, also not much happened. We spent in Koh Rong-Nature beach 3 very lazy days. As you can see on Facebook we slept in a tent. They did have little wooden houses but it was cheaper (10USD/ 2night for both of us) and we thought also more fun 𯘊 We were on stilts so had to use a mini ladder to climb up to the big tent. First night, left all our bags, etc outside so we could have more space inside. Rich wakes me around 1-2am, "It's raining", we got out and took all our stuff back inside. It was pouring with rain, thundersto m and lighting. It was a stormy night, the wind snaked our tent so badly, we thought it's gonna rip one part of it. Then it went...

Next day it was very cloudy, like till 12-1pm then it started to get sunny but still with some clouds. We enjoyed this weather, otherwise it was just way too hot. As we experienced the next day when it was extremely hot and very sunny. We both got burnt. As I used sun cream, mine was very little,Rich on the other hand got absolutely sunburnt on his back... crazy Rich... I told him to use a cream but he thought he is cool..sun can't touch him. Well.. We left the same day, went back to the main part of the island, Koh Toch. Oh Hosh,what a difference.... I read it from a girl who travelled around Asia, that she went to Koh Rong and she loved the tranquility. That was 3 years ago. ONLY in 3 years, people destroyed tranquility forever. That place became a party place where 90% of the people are pretty much hippies... I don't like hippies. Maybe I'd like the older generation who knew what is to be a hippie about. These people.,.they sing about freedom, nature, health, etc. Yet, they leave beer cans all over the beach, smoke marijuana and who knows what else, got absolutely smashed... I can't see nature or health in them for sure. Stil, there are plenty of 'vegan' restaurant, lots of western food and plenary of bars and booze everywhere. We didn't like all. After the nice little quiet was very different. We stayed there one night just to see the illuminated planktons. It was an experience. First I thought we will see the planktons on the surface like in Life if Pi but we actually had to jump into the sea and check them for ourselves with googles. It was amazing though. They were all around us, on us, it was a magical moment ☺️☺️ We spent 5USD per person on this little trip and it was great.

Next morning we went back to the mainland with a motorboat. Never had a ride quite like this. It was cloudy today morning and the sea was rough. I man, imagine waves like a meter high...I was sitting right on the side with open air and air did get some water on my face. But it was nothing to compare to the poor 2 girls, later a Chinese dude who got absolutely soaking wet as all the crazy water went on to the back seat. It was actually funny even though I felt sorry for them. The ride was about an hour but I felt like it was forever. The boat was up and down, up and down...I couldn't wait to be over. It was a very crazy ride. I wanted to record it but my iPad isn't waterproof so I thought maybe it's better if I don't take it out. But you can imagine what a speed boat does on massive big waves. I'm not a big fan of roller coaster, so I was happy to be out. From a boat we got on a bus which took us to Phnom Penh (again). For the first time I actually felt how heavy my backpack is as we had to walk for about an hour from the bus station back to the hostel, with the backpack on our back. I have to say, it's hotter here than anywhere else. Even it was almost 9.30pm when we went to eat, it was still boiling hot. Tomorrow we are going to Vietnam by bus at 9 am. New country, new challenges, new experience.

What do I think about Cambodia? I really liked Angkor Wat and the island of Koh Rong. But as Phnom Penh...not my favourite. People are a bit more modern but still, they are very nice, very polite people. I took some photos of the streets of a Phnom Penh, I'll share them with you here. One thing I really dislike here, is the use of US dollar. Everywhere... on the island, there is no ATM. Which means, who ever goes there, have to take enough dollar to spend. We did run out on our last day..we had to ask a restaurant to be able to do cash back. They helped us..for 10% charge... ridiculous. In the end I had to literally just buy something in the shop to be able to spend our last real as they take dollars everywhere. I did find thing I liked here. The people, how they smile at you wherever you go, the tuk tuk guys and their cheeky smile, the food, the lizards everywhere on the walls and some of their little towns and islands. Vietnam, here we come.

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