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As we rambled along we were still under the command of the room Stewarts. They had changed crews in Adelaide and we had new, by the book,get off the train for breakfast, now orders. We got off the train walked a city block to sit at large wooden tables for breakfast. Nothing wrong with that, I had ,till this point,survived on bread and 1/4 cup of rice. Oh no, it can't be, but they are, black flys every where. They ate quesh in 90 degree heat outside with a horde of black flys. I walked the extra half block to get juice for my favorite 85 yr old sisters from New Zealand, fanned the food, but it was no use we could not fight them anymore. Inside the train we went back to our rooms only to find the elves had once again folded up our beds.

On the train, when you sleep, when you got up was not at your convenience. You had a loud speaker announcement to get up, followed by where we were and when to get ready.

That day in the dining room my husband kept asking where the fire was out side because smoke appeared to be billowing out from under the train. No one knew or seemed to care. No worries! Then several hours later we stopped. Apparently a cover from the kitchen that vented to the outside had been over heated and on fire. No worries! We heard this phase a thousand times. The problem is that they have "no worries".So nothing ever gets decided or fixed.

Like the night we stopped in the middle of no where because someone had stowed away in the car carrier. We waited 2 hours for the authorities because you can not just leave someone in the outback. It was decided later maybe they should check the car carrier after each stop.

The final outing was in Broken Hill. A town that was built around a silver, zinc, ore mine. Some of the original buildings are still there. Keep in mind that Australia is younger than the US so what a lot of Europeans would not call old we in the US do.

We went to a place called the Main Drag and were servered champagne, beer, and appetizers. Then entertained by a drag show. Yes, men dressed as women. They were a lively group and pretty good I might add.

We were alerted at 7am to get up and have a final Breakie in the dining room. Be packed! Believe me I was ready. Arriving at the station in Sydney by 11am only an hour and a half behind schedule. No worries! A hotel, no shaking bed and a sleep in. None of which happened.

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