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Hotel bus

Wasn't exactly comfy

Like animals in cells

Nature beach





Today we arrived to southern Cambodia,to an island called, Koh Rong. We decided not to stay at the main part as it is known as a party place and we weren't interested, so we came to the East part which is called, Nature Beach. Beautiful white sand,very warm blue water and the best,we barely have any company. It's probably about 16-20 of us. This place has tents and bungalows. We are sleeping in a tent on a stilt. I can't write you much as the wifi isn't so good,being on an island so I'll write all these days when I'm back to mainland.

But before I go,let me just mention the bus we came here by -well,to the main land and then boat-. It is called, the hotel bus. Why?? It has beds inside...but don't be isn't luxurious at all. In fact,I felt like we were animals locked in cells on a bus. But at least it was semi-comfy. Pictures attached ☺️

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