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Govett’s Leap panorama

Bridal Falls

The weather gods weren’t working on our side today. We had some rain overnight and it was dull and overcast when we got ourselves out of bed. After breakfast we took the dogs for a quick run in the park across the road from the caravan park, before walking up to the shops to buy a paper. Then, after some procrastination as to what to do given the inclement weather, we decided to just go for a drive and see what we could.

First stop was just down the road from the caravan park at Govett’s Leap. Unfortunately, the whole valley was completely shrouded in mist, so we were unable to see a thing. From there we drove to Katoomba and the Three Sisters lookout to find the same thing - total white out with mist. This is the third time I’ve tried to see the Three Sisters, and each time has been the same- the view has been totally shrouded in mist. There were tourists everywhere at Katoomba - they would be wondering what they had paid their money to see!

From Katoomba, we drove to Leura to have a look at the shops. Unfortunately, there was a bit of thunder around, so Chilli was not interested in going for a walk. So, whilst Ian stayed in the car with her, I had a very quick once up and down the street with Ruby. Next stop was Wentworth Falls where we were lucky to catch a very quick glimpse of the falls from the lookout before the mist rolled in.

We then drove back to the van for lunch, where we made it just as the rain started again. Fortunately, it fined up a little in the late afternoon, so after taking the dogs for another run in the park, we drove back down to Govett’s Leap, and behold, the view was amazing!! Given the rain the night before and again during the day, there was quite a lot of water falling from Bridal Falls- just beautiful. So, our day ended up not being a total waste after all.

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