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Patti's new bike

Visiting Bart Marcy at his home near Tucson

One of Bart's clow gadgets

At the Casa Grande ruins




these lean towards the south












In the late 1800s tourists came and carved grafitti on the walls

Our volunteer ranger from Lake of the Woods Minnesota

A whole that enabled to the sun to shine through at the...

After a month in Yuma it was time to move on to slightly higher elevation and a little cooler (although still pretty temperate. Casa Grande is located about half way between Phoenix and Tucson. The first day we set up the RV and immediately drove down to Tucson to have dinner and drinks with Bart Marcy (friend from way back). One highlight was his clown contraption that he controlled while Patti wore the face mask. We went to another RV show in Phoenix a couple of days later and then on to the Casa Grande ruins (built in the late 1300s it was ruined short thereafter and has remained so since). Very interesting buildings. Not sure what the large structure was for but there was an astronomical component to it (sun's light travels through a small porthole and shines on opposite wall to indicate that the rains were coming). Could have been a grainery. These natives were pretty industrious, building a complex irrigation system.

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