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Old hand plough embedded in the dirt (our van is in trees...

Macquarrie clan reunion cairn

We left Cowra just before 10am with the intention of driving to Bathurst via Orange. The route took us through the historical town of Canowindra (actually pronounced Ca noun dra) where I would have liked to walk the main street to look at some of the buildings, but, as caravan parking was non-existent, we kept going. The road to Orange was quite steep in places and we seemed to do a lot of climbing. There were signs along the way advising to be aware of frost and snow- but no issues with that today! Orange also seemed a very pretty, large, rural town with tree lined streets and houses with lovely gardens. However, Orange is also lacking in caravan parking, so once again we were unable to stop and have a look around.

Macquarie Woods recreation area is identified as a free camp halfway between Orange and Bathurst and we thought we would just have a look and perhaps have lunch there. It has turned out to be an extremely large camping area in state forest, and although not as pretty as the Belanglo site, has lots of space and shade, so we have decided to stay the night. Because the day was going to be quite warm, we picked a very shady site and settled in for a relaxing afternoon doing not much at all other than taking the dogs for a walk around the site just before the tea.

We found some interesting bits and pieces around the site, including a very old hand plough that was well embedded into the ground, and a cairn recognizing the reunion of the Macquarie clan on this site in 1988. It was hard to read all the words but I think they were all relatives of Lachlan Macquarie - one of the first governors of NSW. They had all planted different trees on the sites from England and Scotland, ie chestnut, oak and Scots fir trees. There was also a fruit grove of fruits I really didn’t recognise. I have no clue as to the significance of the reunion happening on this particular site. The land has since obviously been taken over by the forestry department and there is not much care taken of the area where all the trees have been planted. Will maybe have to do a Google search at some time to find out!

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