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I always enjoy heading to Amanda’s / Bangkok as it is great place to truly recalibrate (as well as obviously catching up with her, which is always a lot of fun!).

After a pretty decent sleep I woke and pretty much exploded my bag across her apartment in order to sort through everything, work out what (if anything) I could get rid of, get everything washed after the trek, work out what I could leave there to pick up when I pass through in March and just generally sort everything out. The issue with hostels is you never completely unpack so no matter how organise you are things eventually get a little mixed up. With my washing on I uploaded a few more journal entries (at which point I was only 4 days behind!.... I think I’m a little more than that again now) before setting myself up by the pool for a couple of hours.

Another thing I like about heading back to Bangkok is the fact it is a cosmopolitan city which means it is easy to find places to get all ‘lady things’ sorted out…. I had booked an appointment for a full ‘MOT’ (again – apologies for the men reading this) which always makes you feel completely refreshed having had to ‘make do’ for the last few weeks.

On the way back to Amanda’s I stopped for a bit of lunch at which point I picked up some wifi only to discover that Thai Smile had cancelled my flight down to Kota Kinabalu in March – the flight I need to get down to meet Sarah at the end of my trip. So my nice leisurely lunch ended up with a 45minute phone call to their customer service company to try and (unsuccessfully) sort it out. It appeared they have cancelled the route as it isn’t ‘commercially viable’ but I could have a refund…. My stubborn streak kicked in and forming my arguments (other airlines more expensive; only direct flight which would mean my flight time is now 8.5hours instead of 2.5 hours; different airport which requires a taxi from Bangkok centre instead of the train (more expensive) etc etc…. I was on a roll). I did feel for the poor guy on the other end of the phone but ultimately he was the voice of the airline and I needed it sorted out. They asked me multiple times to ‘send an email’ which I refused to do so they took it ‘offline’ and said they would call me back in the next few days…. We’ll see how this goes!

After that fun and games finished I headed back to Amanda’s and took up the same position at the pool waiting for her to get home.

When she got back we had a good catch up for a while and then headed out to meet her cousin (mum’s sister’s son), his girlfriend, his girlfriend’s friend and another of Amanda’s friends for dinner. We headed to a great streetfood area where we ordered allsorts of bits and pieces (including 100year old egg) and put it all in the middle for a huge feast…. It was a lot of fun!

When we were done Amanda’s cousin etc headed out for a drink but we headed back to hers as it was getting on and Amanda gets up at 5am every morning! I also had my flight the next day so was going to be heading off earlier than normal.

We arrived back and not long after Sarah called for a chat (I think suffering from a bit of cabin fever having been working at home for a few days!) so we enjoyed a bit of a chat with her before heading off to bed. A lovely relaxed day in Bangkok!

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