Hundy Tour 2016-2017 travel blog

Used Kep Travel agaitn US $32 for us both.

45 minute journey on full mini bus to border around another 45 minutes get passports back as gave them to driver.

A young lady from Reading who works in Vietnam randomly gave me 6 pound coins! (I now have £7.74 in change)!

Quarantine counter at Ha tien took a dollar each then fired an orang e gun thing at our hearts, then turned it round to show us our temperature was 36°

Then got a bus to the ticket office then another mini-bus to the ferry 'Superdong V1'

1.5 hour very cold trip to Phu Quoc. Taxi to our resort, Lien

Not very clean and very laid back. Decorated Christmas Tree still on the beach!

Beautiful large round sunset.

Sat on verandah writing Trip Advisor review, Tim did his blog.

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