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Snowy River Estuary at Marlo

We took the dogs for a run on the beach before we finished packing up this morning but still managed to be on the road about 10.30am. Our first brief stop was in Orbost from where we followed the Snowy River to its mouth at Marlo. From Marlo we followed the coast to Cape Conran where we stopped to have a late morning tea. Cape Conran is a really lovely spot for a picnic- it would have been a perfect location for an overnight camp, but unfortunately no camping allowed so we continued back onto the Princes Highway at Cabbage Tree and onto Cann River. By this time, we were well and truly getting into the hills and forests at the bottom end of the Great Divide, so quite spectacular country for driving through.

We stopped again at Cann River for lunch then, after checking out a possible overnight free camp in the forest not far from Cann River, decided we would drive the next 50k or so into Mallacoota.

Mallacoota is Victoria’s most eastern town and I had imagined it might be a quiet’ sleepy, little fishing town. Well, it probably is that for a lot of the year, but at the moment, because it is still summertime, is still quite busy. There is a foreshore caravan park and it literally sprawls around the foreshore at the edge of town. It was also very busy and looked to have very few spare spaces. We decided to give it a miss and headed for one of the other parks and found A’Wangralea caravan park in a back street. It is quite a small park and would seem to be very quiet, so much more our style.

After setting up and having a cup of coffee, we went for a bit of a drive to get orientated with the town. We ended up driving through a lot of the foreshore caravan park- it literally seems to go forever, then headed out to a couple of the outlying beaches, namely Tip Beach and Betka Beach. We took the dogs for a bit of a walk on Betka Beach, (it is really beautiful with lots of rocky formations that you can walk around at low tide), then headed back to the van for the evening.

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