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baby owl

coming in for a landing


Back in October when we packed the motor home to leave, we tried to bring everything we would need for the winter. We packed suitcases which we stored in the basement of the RV, trying to imagine what the future would bring. Today it was time to pack for a cruise on the Harmony of the Seas. Because we have been on many cruises, this isn't all that difficult, but it's been a long time since the end of October. When I unearthed the duffle bag today, I was surprised to see what I had left myself. A one week cruise with uniformly warm weather is easy compared to some of the complicated round the world trips we have enjoyed at times. Usually when I pack at home I make piles and contemplate them for a day or two. In 400 square feet of space in the motor home, there isn't anywhere to put a suitcase without tripping over it. The only piles are in my mind. This will be the first cruise we have ever taken where we could drive our own car to the port. We won't have to worry about the airlines losing our suitcase or about what they weigh. Piece of cake!

Once the packing was done, we went back to watching our owl family. The mom left the nest for about two hours, perched on a nearby branch. This gave her baby lots of time to raise its head above the nest and wave around its pink open mouth. Mr. Owl was nearby, dozing in the sun. The most interesting activity takes place at sunset; owls are nocturnal animals after all. But this is a challenging time to take photographs. A few bird nuts have discovered our treasure trove and they stop by every few days with bazooka camera lenses and flash extenders that could light up the moon. Surprisingly the owl family is unfazed by all their attention. Tonight all three owls gathered near the nest and the mom kept attacking the dad's face with her beak. Nothing bad really happened, although it looked ominous. Perhaps that's the way owls canoodle.

When we get back in a week, the baby will be ready to stroll around on the branch. And we'll be ready to enjoy the show once again.

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