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Noticed fluid coming from battery... looks like it sits at an odd...

found the culprit... sitting on this bolt which punctured the casing

Leaving the Quartzsite area, we were about to pull up stakes and found that the left front leveling jack failed to retract. Undetered, I wired the jack in the up position so we could travel... actually this is the second time this has happened so I didn't panic. I figured that it was a broken shear pin. As we arrived in Yuma, I called a mobile service guy who came out and took the jack apart: not a broken shear pin, a broken shaft, Yikes that will be a $600 to $700 repair job. Also noticed fluid dripping beneath the battery. Found that the shade tree mechanic who installed the battery couldn't fit it properly in the battery bracket. It was resting on a large bolt that ended up puncturing the casing. I have little patience for this kind of incompetence, but what can I do but vent here!!!! lol

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