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Kites flying on South Padre Island

Sunrise beside the bus

We're about to cross over the bridge to Mexico!

The Rio Grande, we've crossed this river a few times, both this...

The line of the border, never thought we'd be crossing it

We've arrived in Mexico!

Mike is a happy boy, he has his margharita in Mexico, the...

A typical building on the main street

The ornament I bought was $1.95 and I thought I gave him...

Lunch at the Red Snapper, we had the Mexican platter, tacos, burrito,...

Driving home, the border fence is just behind the homes. Surprising how...

This is our setup in the park, haven't had the awning out...

The is the park we are in Paul's RV

Mike enjoying jamming with some other musicians in the park

Life in a RV has a way of relaxing you. Today the list of chores was short and sweet. Get the washer and dryer up and running after being winterized was number one on the list ... what could go wrong there? Hang on, haven't we heard that line before? In the process of pulling out the machine so we could reconnect the waterlines... somehow the tap way in the back suddenly got turned on... quick thinking Michelle ran outside and turned off the water for the whole bus in time to then soak up, with our assortment of beach towels, the spill. No harm done - Mike has a new job when we get back home to Ottawa next summer, relocate the taps for the washer so we don't have to be contortionists to do work on the laundry machines twice a year. Of course, when we finished we couldn't figure out why water wasn't going into the machine, until remembering turning off the outside tap!

With that job finally finished, Mike decided it was time to set up the satellite dish... now in the past this could have been anywhere from a 2 beer to 6 beer job... sometimes it was even a two day 6 beer each day job... but with a positive mind set Mike got all prepared, warned the neighbours that this may take a while as they watched ... and after two gulps of beer we had perfect reception. Mike was a little ker-fuffled... he felt like he needed to do more, it shouldn't have gone this quick... but it had, we were good.

The rest of the day was lay back and read, do up a batch of beef jerky in the dehydrator and get ready for the $1 margarita pool party.

The next day was much more relaxed... neighbours took us into town on South Padre Island for an indoor flea market and we picked up a few knick knacks.. back to the pool and an ice cream social followed by a movie in the rec center. The movie was The Book Thief, different, but we're glad we saw it.

Today, again with some neighbours, went across the border into Mexico, Nuevo Progressio. Mike found $3 margarita's that were well worth their cost (dangerous 3 Ms, Mike, Mexico, Margharitas!)... Michelle wandered all the different shops with the ladies and found .... lots of terra cotta, dentists, pharmacies, spas, dentists, bars, Mexican style clothing, more pharmacies and dentists. Someone said there are over 200 dentists in the city and Michelle believes it! Lots of Americans and snowbirds come over to get their dental work done and buy cheap drugs. One of the ladies we were with got her heart meds at about a quarter of the cost. We were glad of our medical coverage for sure.

After dinner, Mike headed out to jam with other people in the park. Michelle peeked in and it looked like he was having a good time!

It would seem we are settling in pretty good, meeting lots of people from all over the States and a number from Ontario, Blyth, Ottawa (Orleans), etc. We'll see what the rest of the week brings and how busy we keep! We start off with golf tomorrow morning....

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