Texas Again travel blog

Mike enjoying our first evening in the bus

A plant across the fields, a big one

A grass fire we saw on Tuesday, still burning today

A typical old town, looks almost like a movie set

The Brownsville water tower, almost where we're going

Mike on the roof, just started washing the bus

Our first bar-b-qued dinner, steak & baked potato, and of course red...

Much has happened. Morning found us waiting at the door of the RV dealership (which has 22 bays for working on rigs)... What you don't have an appointment? They very graciously listened to our list of problems and took us in to look at our bus. By 11:30 (and lots of $$), we were sitting in the bus ready to roll, and noticed that the fridge didn't behave how we expected. But of course everyone in the shop was now on lunch. We went off to do a quick grocery run in the bus, and after having the tech's call our manufacturer, it would seem our fridge was just fine... Getting old gets you thinking things are wrong when they're not. So be it... Now it was early afternoon, so we headed over to a nearby campground and began the process of getting our bus organized. Michelle started the unpacking while Mike sanitized the water lines (and discovered a crack in the toilet flush mechanism, almost flooding us out.) He bypassed the toilet, so we had water in the sinks, and we could flush with water from a bottle, certainly doable! After cleaning and storing 11 cardboard suitcases we were done for the night. During the day, we also noticed Michelle's bike on the rear bike rack was missing its front wheel... hmmm did it just fall off or was it removed during the night at our last hotel stop? This will make getting around down south tough, especially since her bike was in the better shape of our two.

The next morning having many of the boxes put away, we started up the bus, happy that we had just had our first night on the road, back in our own bed in the bus... it was a great feeling... We turned on the bus and the windshield wipers went on by themselves and wouldn't shut off... Just another small problem of life on the road. A quick pull on the fuse and off we went, no time to muck around with little distractions like wipers, we will deal with it later (this sounds like a story just waiting to happen).

Two years ago we spent a fair bit of cash on upgrading our suspension while we were in the Palm Springs area. Well it was a great decision. Today for the next 7 hours we battled headwinds and crosswinds in the neighbourhood of 50 mph but on the positive side was that every mile we travelled, the air temperature went up...we eventually hit a high of 80F, even saw a field steaming in the heat!

We drove the Texas Independence Trail and the land reminded us more of southern Ontario, very flat but with trees around the fields. The more we got into Texas, the more it started to look like the prairies, bigger, flatter fields, you could see sooooo far! And then the prickly pear cactus started appearing in the ditches and fields. Thought we saw snow in a field, but it was cotton, so funny. At one point we saw a cowboy moving cattle on horseback, yes we must be in Texas.

Mike kept fighting the wind and we made it all the way to Brownsville, very close to the Mexican border. We booked two nights at this park, it isn't close to anywhere to get groceries. They say everyone is friendly and it's no problem, someone is always going and will take you with them. We'll see.

Today Mike spent the whole morning washing the salt and dirt off the bus, it looks much better. In the afternoon, an RV repair lady came out and fixed the toilet, and replaced the water pump you use when running the generator. Our friends who used the bus in Oct/Nov had noticed it wasn't working properly and it had now totally stopped. Just like a house, it always seems there is something to fix in the bus.

So, now we seem to be fixed for the most part, and have decided to stay here for a week more. We have enough groceries to last and everyone is very friendly. We'll see what happens after that. Today we went for a nice long swim in the pool and hot tub and tomorrow at 4pm is "Margarita's for $1" by the pool... guess we will have to go see what that's about. For now we will enjoy the warmth and sunshine, thinking of all of you dealing with ice and snow up north.

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