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Private Ferry to Port Blair

Loading/unloading baggage

Different private ferry to Port Blair

Our seats in the belly of ferry

View from rooftop restaurant at Lalaji

Our manager friend at Lalaji,Nilman ...

Our foreigner permit for the Andaman's


Bon tried to do email to Mohan in Chennai but there was no connection at Bubbles. Tuk tuk to port jetty about 8:30 a.m. and checked in Mari showed up about 9:10 and we walked out to board shortly after. Unfortunately, there were 2-300 others also both departing and arriving. The Indian way prevailed - massing to drop and pick up luggage. Fine with us, it took half an hour to unload and reload the same. We were last on board when the ferry departed a half hour later than scheduled, not too bad considering. Our cheap seats were in the AC bowels of the ship - Mare & I played cards but she lost interest after I beat her in both crib and rummy. Not nice of me but she always says not to cut her any slack...which I gladly will comply with.


Arrived in Port Blair +/- noon thirty and checked into Lalaji by 1 where we finally could sit down for FOOD! Nice note from Daphne and crew - Matt explained his situation (heading for Chennai via 3 day ferry which was late in departing) - he has a job working for R & B in a hostel in Bangalore. Daphne, John, and Joanna have flown fo Kolkata and a farewell dinner there before John departs back to B.C. and Joanna and Daphne fly to Bangkok. Mare took off for a museum while Bon & I relaxed at Lalaji.

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