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Ian and irene on Port Melbourne jetty- Spirit of Tasmania in the...

Ian and I were on the road to Melbourne by 9.15am this morning whilst Chilli and Ruby stayed home with Grandma. We had an uneventful 2hour plus drive into Port Melbourne where we met up with Ian's sister, Irene, at the Noom Duck cafe`. Irene and her partner, Russell, went on holiday to Tasmania last October, and loved it so much, bought a bed and breakfast there, came back to Brisbane to sell their house and organise everything to relocate themselves to Sheffield, Tasmania. Talk about a whirlwind for them, but it has all come together, and whilst Russell is already in Tassie, Irene has waited until the house settled and has driven down to Melbourne in the last couple of days to catch the Spirit of Tasmania this evening for the final leg of the journey. Ian and I have taken the opportunity to come and see her before she leaves given we don't know when we will see her next- but hopefully not too far into the near future.

We ended up having a lovely few hours together with coffee at Noom Duck, lunch at a Port Melbourne hotel, a walk along the foreshore and jetty, an iced coffee on the foreshore and a final walk around some of the trendy streets of Port Melbourne. We said goodbye at about 4pm so that Irene could get her car so as to be hopefully in front of the line to board the boat. Iand I went for a drive a bit further along the coast to St Kilda, before joining peak hour traffic getting out of Melbourne over the Westgate Bridge. We were actually stopped at one point right on top of the bridge, then we crawled for quite a few more ks until passing a location where there had been a grass fire beside the freeway a few hours earlier. From there our only stop was in Colac to buy a hot chook for tea. We sat beside Lake Colac for a short time to eat some of the chook, then it was into the car for the last leg back to mum's. We were there by about 8pm to find the dogs had behaved really well all day. I just wish they'd be as well behaved for us! Needless, to say we didn't take much rocking to get to sleep tonight!

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