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The entire surgical team came to visit the night before Bon's operation

Dr. Bose doing exam night before Bon's surgery

Mohan discussing 'plan'

Our digs at SIMS hospital

Entire team

Dr. Bose checking Bon for surgery

Bon's ready!

Instructive arrow, ha!

Away she goes!


Her first walk in afternoon of surgery!

Bon eating her first post op 'meal', ha!

ICU smiles

Tamil, one of our great food delivery guys!

Dr. Bose pays a visit after surgery

Some of the crew as well!

Bon on Skype to T & T on Fri. 13th, ha!

Dr. Bose and some of his team at check out time -...

Bon and Dr. Bose Contact Dr. Bose

SIMS hospital in Chennai

Portent of things coming

Street transport of ALL kinds


Hospital Where Bon's Surgery Took Place

Up at 6 a.m., Bonnie was into the shower and out before the nurse came in to get her 'ready' for surgery at 7:30. In good spirits and after a meet with Dr. Bose last night (along with the entire team, ha!) she was very confident and up!


I went down to ICU about 11:30 a.m. but Bon was not awake yet...then about 1 p.m. again and she was awake and talking and Dr. Bose showed up as well and said all went well. Bon was feeling good but still dopy. Mare showed up about 1:45 and we visited for awhile but it was obvious that Bon was getting a bit tired so we left to have lunch. When we returned about 4, Bon was a lot more talkative and alert. She had her first food - bread and jam and ginger lemon honey tea! see photo.


Mare went back to her hotel and I visited with Bon until 5:30 when she looked tired . Back in the room, Mare showed up, we watched Mask and then I went down to check on Bon. She thought that she would be released from ICU about 8 so I went back up to wait. By 9 still no Bon so Mare left and of course, come 9:30 Bon showed up! She had to convince the folks in ICU that it was necessary to get back to our room so she could see her sister who was leaving early tomorrow. A bit of a trick so she wouldn't have to stay down in ICU...

A bit of a sleepless night since they were still giving her pain blocking IV which only allowed her to lie on her back all night...not comfortable although painless!


Mare showed up 8:45 said goodbye and headed to the airport. Bon has been up and walking now several times with the aid of the walker. She insisited they discontinue the pain block med and now is starting to feel something in her foot and leg so she can walk but also feels more pain. She is tough, no complaining from her at all...just full speed ahead. I may have to tie a ball and chain on her to keep her from overdoing it, ha!


Call home to T & T but no answers so we hope they get our messages. See photo.


Rest of time here has been laid back, restful, and all the folks have been very helpful, kind, and up!

Many thanks to:


NURSES: Steffy from Kerala, Priji - Kerala , Subi - Kerala, Ancy(Karala)tall girl, Anju(Karala), Vidya(little girl), Vidya (Kerala), Mina - pain doctor assistant,Sonu(Dehli),

FOOD Folks: Tamil (man)-a.m., Saravanan (skinny)-p.m., Uthara-Diatician,

DRS. & Admin: Mohan Kumar - N. Admin, Kumar Shumar - Senior Gen. Manager, Dr. Pramud Kumar - Cardiologist, Dr. Aravind(young, beard) - Anesthesiologist, Dr. Vigneshwar - Orthopedic, Dr. Kumar Trama Orthopedics - with Dr. Bose,Dr. Vignesh Karthik(young fellow w/ mustache) - Joint Repl w/ Dr, Bose

Others: Doss - P.T. guy, Pandian - my PT guy, Sethu - Tech guy

Room Service: Matilda & Antonia

___Very sorry if I missed anyone, it was not intentional, there were just sooo many nice folks who came and went every day, it was impossible to keep track. You are ALL most appreciated!


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