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Cute cups from the hotel last night, they missed Movember

The mighty Mississippi River

Henderson swamp, 7000 acres, in the Atchaflaya Basin

The Atchaflay Bridge, no exits, no gas, just keep driving

The weather was good enough, Michelle did some driving today

We made it to Texas!

Toronto's basketweave has nothing on Houston's, roads coming and going everywhere

A HUGE oil processing plant, surprising how huge it was

The Houston skyline, we made it!

We have our morning routine down well: laze about, eat the hotel breakfast, load the bus and we are off. Today was no exception, we were on the road bright and early, aiming for Houston so, hopefully, the RV store can look at the house electronics first thing Monday morning.

On Mike’s theme songs note, Michelle was worried, he was whistling the theme for Sesame Street as we packed up! But nothing more came out until Cecila, LA and then she was breaking his heart. When in Texas, we were ‘Deep in the heart of Texas’, but that was pretty much it for today’s songs.

The closer we got to the Gulf, the flatter the land got. As we drove across Louisiana we were surprised to see cattle lots and farm crops. We always thought of the coast, never what the rest of the state did. We did see Spanish moss, Hibiscus and Oleander, making it look like the typical south, along with lots of pine trees.

As we crossed south central Louisiana, we crossed the Atchaflaya Basin, the largest wetland and swamp in the US. To cross it you travel on twin bridges suspended above the land, bog and water. This is the third longest bridge in the US, wouldn’t want to get stuck in a traffic jam there, 18.2 miles with no exits!

We crossed the border into Texas making great time and thought we’d make the store before it closed tonight, to see if they could take a peak at the bus tomorrow. Well, speaking of traffic jams....the GPS said 6 minutes and it took us 40. People were driving over medians to get off the main highway, often just pulling out into traffic, even in front of transports. We can laugh now, since we didn’t see any accidents! We missed the store by about 20 minutes, so we backtracked to the closest hotel. For dinner we had quite a choice: Chuckee Cheese, Subway, fancy Italian, Pizza Hut and Chinese buffet. The buffet, for $10 won out, didn’t match Mandarin, but for $10 we didn’t mind!

The gas prices seem to be up about ten cents in Texas, about $2.14 (about $.70 Cdn) so still pretty good!

The very best part of today’s trip: we surpassed the highest temperature we’ve had all trip, 37F when we were leaving Ottawa. By 10am we were over freezing and getting excited. By the time we stopped at the end of the day, it was 51F (10.5 Canadian) so the shorts have been pulled out and the jeans put away! In preparation, Mike shaved his hair and beard and Michelle took great time and care to get her legs all ready for the heat and sun we are expecting tomorrow.

Not sure what will happen tomorrow, if the shop can or can’t look at the bus, but know we are safe, warm and happy!

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