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Very nice room in this Luxury Collection Hotel. $350.00 USD

Buenos Aires version of Big Ben

Ship has docked as viewed from our hotel room

From the Park Tower at night (canned picture)

After a day (yesterday) where the ship first was 5 hours late, then 12, then 18 hours late and unable to dock due to tides, this morning we looked out of our hotel window and the ship was finally docked. We waited in the 'waiting lounge' designated at Sheraton for Princess passengers from a bit before 3 until after 9pm yesterday - no food available but free water and air conditioning. 750+ passengers waiting -- and around 6 they started telling us that they would need to find hotels for all 750 folks - and that your luggage was already on the pier so no luggage would be available. Differing degrees of calm vs. outrage were evident. We made mental notes hoping who would NOT be our neighbors on the ship or near us in dining. Whew, some of the firey Spanish personalities were almost in riot mode. And the "Ugly American" personality was evident with some folks too -- most people however were very calm - hungry and tired, but calm. We were one of the last groups to get our hotel and by that time they must have run out of stops because they ended up putting us in the Park Tower Luxury Collection hotel right next door to Sheraton. It costs $350US a nite plus the 21%VAT tax -very nice place for sure. Princess folks in BA were overwhelmed and not trained for the communication required for such an undertaking. Thus, lots of mixed messages (when a few messages actually happened) and the fall out will be very bad for Princess. The food stuff really was an issue since no places to eat close by here. Many of these folks had traveled all night by air from US or Europe and were exhausted. Most of us had only eaten breakfast that day because we were suppose to board the ship at 1pm yesterday. But - I found someone to call in a pizza delivery order for Terry and me and we had pizza at 8:45 away from the other passengers (didn't have enough to share with 750 folks) :). Just sat in an out of the way place and inhaled it :). Yesterday was very hot and sunny, today is rainy and breezy. It will be interesting to see how they gather up these passengers from hotels all over town and get them to the ship -- and what will happen to those who were disembarking and missed their flights yesterday. We are in fine shape compared to most folks since we had a whole week here and rested!

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