Brenner 2017 travel blog

Because of gaining an hour yesterday we were up way too early this morning. We went for our free breakfast at 6:30 and we're gone by 7 so it was dark for awhile. Finally after all these years a lady at a truck stop told us how we can actually use our charge card at the pumps and I don't have to go in and prepaid a certain amount. When you want to use your card at pumps they ask for a zip code and postal code doesn't work, she told us to use 00000 instead and it worked so now atleast we can fill up. We put on 425 miles, various scenery, lots of hills and the tail end of the Rockies but pretty tame compared to bc, we did cross the snake river where evil kenevil jumped the gorge. Very deep and it seemed way too far across for a motorcycle. We got a room for 19 a night and it was pretty nice.

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