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Local weaver on Christmas Day

Chicks still in the molting phase

A mom checking the area - babies tucked in the hole already

thousands and thousands of parents with their chicks

Punta Arenas, Chile -- While indigenous people populated the region for more than 14,500 years, Ferdinand Magellan "discovered" the region in 1520. It was 'officially' founded on December 18, 1843. It is located on the Brunswick Peninsula, at the Strait of Magellan, at the southern tip of Chilie. In 2012 there were 127,454 people living here and it is the third largest city in the Patagonia region. From November through January, Magellanic penguins arrived to meet and mate. During our December 25th stop over here, many things were closed but the local artesans did have some of their booths open. I bought a few things from a local weaver and have her picture with her near her loom. It was a colorful and unusual type of "scarf". We have signed up for an excursion so Terry can see the penguins. We are set to go to Magdalena Island Penguin Reserve - a rookery declared a natural movement i 1982. There are over 100,000 pairs of Magellanic penguins breeding on Magdalena Island. This was our combined Christmas present to each other so it will be fun to do this on January 14th.

January 14th

We had our four hour roundtrip tug boat type ferry trip to the Magdalena Penguin Reserve- while the boat trip was something to NOT write home about, the penguin 𯐧 reserve was so interesting. Very, very strong winds sort of blew you along the path - holding on to a rope if you could find it. But there was a spectacular nesting colony of penguins with their chicks. They had burrows to keep the chicks both warm and away from the predatory sea birds looking out for them to kill them. LOTS of seagulls and their chicks too. It was a marvelous chance to view these little guys walking, nesting, swimming, etc. It was delightful. See the pictures attached.

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