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TV and Entertainment Area

Embassy Row and wealthy mansions

So many high rise apartments all over the city

Street view at 8:30 am

No cloud in the sky today - hot and humid - so it was an early start for us to walk about 15 minutes away to catch a Hop On bus to a new area of town. We saw the big soccer stadium (seriously big deal here for their teams), the fishing docks on the big river (widest in the world they say), a horse racing track (big deal here too) and some new neighborhoods with their own personality. - Two hours of viewing from the top of the bus - got pretty hot by the end! There are so many high rise apartments in this town - and parking is a premium so you either park underneath your building (accessed by a giant garage door where you drive in and park underground), or you don't own a car and you take the bus and walk. 40,000 cabs in this community - you can get one anytime. If you come here, don't assume that cross walks mean you are safe to walk. Or that the little light with person lit up means your turn to cross the street -- a cab will run you down and not even blink -- you have to watch carefully always! Lots of buses for folks to ride -- most are not air conditioned so pretty hot rides but cheap. Today we walked down a shaded side street while waiting for the Hop On bus. It was 'embassy row' with Iran,Hatie, Spain each having beautiful holdings. Terry is standing in front of one of them in one of the pictures. Also in the same area were the first "one family" houses (mansions) that we had seen. Clearly expensive area and lovely. Another picture today shows a big picture of a man on the side of a building -- that is the area for their TV station and movie producers. Another picture reminds us how non-crowded it is everywhere in the early part of the day, and the same scene from 4pm to 11pm would be wall to wall cars and people everywhere. This is definitely a late in the day country with eating late being the norm. We are tucked in our room by 9 so can't tell you what is happening on the streets - just know how it is by 9 from what we see out our window. Today we passed a big park with about 40 BIG DOGS barking in it -- we watched a bit - four DOG WALKERS were gathered to visit together while their dogs all played. Then they each harnessed up 10 or so dogs and off they went - amazing!!

So that does away with the thought that everyone has poodles - clearly some folks have big dogs too!

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