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Supreme Court Building

Evita Peron Plaza Statue

Plaza Bartolommeo Mitre Martinez - President 1862-68

Today's weather made it a great day for a long exploring walk. From 8-12 it was overcast, with a lovely breeze and mid 80's temperature, making it perfect to venture along avenues and neighborhoods past Recoleta. We walked to San Martin Plaza about an hour away, found Florida street along the journey, and spent time walking the numerous blocks of shops that make up the street "mall" of Florida Street. Then we headed to the Obliesk statue which is in the heart of BAires and just a block or so from their version of the Supreme Court - (Judicial Court). It was very crowded along the streets of both Florida shopping area and the Court and we were glad when we made it to the side streets that are lined with trees, nice breezes, and very few walkers or cars. After about 5 hours of walking we stopped for lunch - hamburger - and then headed off again towards the National Library. It was sad to see how run down that was and how much graffiti has been allowed to deface their national treasure. After leaving the library we headed to check out some more cast iron/copper historical figures found in little parks along the way. One of the pictures today shows a large Evita Peron statue in a little park not marked on the tourist guide - we just happened upon it. Another amazing cast iron work was a 30 foot very detailed creation of Pope John Paul II. The detail of work on it was amazing. Then we rounded a corner and in another little plaza we found President Martinez - 1862-1868 on his horse with his hat in his hand -- probably 3 or 4 times lifesize and surrounded at the bottom by strange unknown beings and an angel at the center. The display that tells the history of the man was totally painted over with graffiti and the marble steps leading up to the display was also covered in tags. I doesn't appear like all the little parks have caretakers and security to keep them from being vandalized yet the works of art had to cost a lot of money at one time and were not easy to create. I think maybe the political winds ebb and flow on it. 22,600 steps today and I'm regaining my energy. The lack of heat was so nice and made it a great day for exploring!!

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