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A view from our hotel room window towards downtown

Lots of parks in BA

We got off the ship at 9 yesterday (31st) and easily got a taxi to our hotel. The hotel is exactly as it was advertised and we are very happy with it. It is in a perfect location and a very safe area. We are two blocks from the Recolata Cemetery, 2 blocks from a mall one wall and another one the other way (very important because we are going to have to find air conditioned places to go from 10-6 each day!!!

At 10 yesterday it was 98 degrees and it didn't get better until after 6 pm. We ordered our first meal by ourselves in a pizza place where no one spoke English -- we were surprised with what we actually received --

We took a copy of the "to go" menu with us afterwards and we are using my little Latin American Spanish book to see if we can figure out the ingredients better. It is a wonderful adventure and we are so excited to be doing it.

Our hotel guy is bilingual so that helps in general. We figure we will be up early to walk the area close by before the days heat gets going and same in the evening. This morning we roamed for 45 minutes, no one out an about, and we saw the expensive hotels two blocks over, the Brazilian Embassy, the French Embassy, and high end businesses (all closed of course because it is Sunday and New Years Day). One day this coming week we will take a ferry over to 𯇺𯇾 Uruguay to an old little settlement called Colonia Del Sacramento. It is Uruguay's oldest town and a UNESO site. 1 hour ferry ride from BA to there.

That's all for now -- we'll keep you posted each day on whether we are getting better on figuring out how to order food!

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