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It's Christmas Day and we are very sorry that we have to return home cutting our vacation short as Fred is feeling unwell and there is not much point in continuing with our adventures if it is not fun for us.

We have enjoyed our time in Leticia which is a lovely little town situated on the banks of the Amazon River and adjoining Brazil and Peru. We had hope to visit both countries, but it is not to be.

We did get to an interesting ecological park with a ranger explaining the many different uses for the herbs and plants that grow in the area. Also an aquarium with species of the local fish of the Amazon. It was a lot of walking and Fred was very tired after that tour.

The following day I was up at 5a.m. To walk around the Selva with two other tourists and the guide. It was mainly to observe the birds of which there are many with beautiful plumage. The selva refers to the area that is flooded for three months of the year. Santander Park is part of this which also houses communities. During the flooded season the children are taken to school by canoe as the water level is ten feet higher during that time. It was a long walk in Wellington boots, but interesting to see how these people live without electricity or any plumbing. To me it was very reminiscent of some of the areas we visited in the Pacific.

We are now biding our time by watching CNN, the only TV channel we can get in English and going swimming in the lovely pool they have at our hotel. It is very hot and humid, so it's good that we have air-conditioning and fans in our room.

We wish you all health and happiness for 2017.

Mary and Fred

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