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Presidential Palace - Lima, Peru

Presidential Square - Lima

I'm in a little cafe in Pisco so will tell you about Lima yesterday. We have some great pictures of the Presidential Plaza that I'll send you once we get to our hotel in Buenos Aires and have wifi that is strong. The reason our pictures are so good is because the Plaza was blocked by police in full riot gear. They were expecting a demonstration in the square by citizens opposing the actions by their legislators against the newly elected president who won by 40,000 votes in a country of 35 million where voting is compulsory. So the police captain allowed our little group of 40 to go in to the Plaza. There were no people in there so the pictures are so focused on all the historical buildings without crowds in the way. It was amazing!! And the square had the Cathedral, the Bishops house (which use to be a government building). The rest of the square had government buildings from the 1840 time because of an earthquake. Pizzaro's Presidential Palace was still standing from around 1540. The 6 hour tour was great and we ended it in the Inca Market. Today we are in Pisco and it is a very old town that feels little like a village in the place we are. It is very old in appearance with lots of buildings that have crumbled and never been rebuilt. Many dogs wander the streets which are mostly cobblestone. There is a river here with old type boats that have hand thrown nets for single person fishing. It has a small market area with a small inventory of goods. When you add 3,000 cruise passengers it is very crowded for folks! The San Martin port is 30 minutes away and you get there via a sand dune landscape with zero buildings or people. The port has two old buildings that are smaller than a house in size. Zero commerce or port activity just our cruise ship all alone.Very unusual port for a big 𯚢 ship! Our trip has been fantastic so far and we are loving it!

Two days at sea coming up. Hope all is well with you. Roxa

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