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Central Park in Mira Flores

Beautiful overcast day so it is very pleasant even in 100% humidity. Our guide said Lima is nearing the 10 million people range based on the latest census. It is 77degrees temperature here and we are over 12 hours of daylight now. The exchange rate is 30 Sols to one dollar 𯒵 and there are money changers all around. Our ATM card would not work at the one bank that had an ATM in English so we had to use the street changers. Mira Flores is a part of town that has 80% of the high end hotels and tourist . The 45 minute drive to get here from the port shows a very different Lima than this area. Very economically challenged. I'm sitting in a Marriott lobby with free Wifi. Tomorrow we go to the Indian market and a tour of some historical sites. Terry is feeling really good and his anemia symptoms are only mild. We spend the nite docked in the port if Callao which is a very rough area and no one is allowed on the dock. Wonderful opportunity to do this trip. We are very blessed. Hope all is well with you. Roxa

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