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Here is what the back of the refrigerator looks like... the cooling...

Here is the circuit board... all kinds of wires that had to...

In the course of this adventure stuff will break. So it goes with the refrigerator. An RV refrigerator is a bit different that the one you have at home. It uses both 120 volt AC and propane when not connected to "shore power". Our refrigerator, as it turns out, was not operating proper since we got it. It seemed that we had to defrost it every two weeks or so. While defrosting is required periodically it shouldn't be required that often. The problem started to this fall as the night time temperatures dipped below 50 degrees. A warning light went on that required us to turn off and then on the unit. Something was not right, but the interior temp of the frig stayed cold enough. After arriving in Mesa things went south, so to speak. There was a yellow liquid substance that had leaked out of the cooling unit. This was bad news. Searching for a repairman we first found a guy that offered two alternatives: 1) get a new cooling unit... cost $2400 and change. 2) get a new refrigerator... cost not known at the time, but they would get back to me later in the day. We not only didn't they get back to me that day... they never did. We waited over the weekend and then called another guy. This was a stroke of luck because all he did was rebuild RV cooling units. for 9

$980 he could rebuild our unit and do it in a couple of days!!!!! Good news!

He did want he said and we were on the way on Saturday Nov 26th.

But not so fast. As we arrived at our next destination (Quartzsite AZ) we discovered that the frig was not operating on AC power, only propane. Not too concerned we traveled on to Palm Desert CA thinking that we could exist for awhile on propane and get the electronics board that was presumably need via internet. Well, the following day the whole frig went belly up... no cooling at all. Call the guy back in Mesa and he recommended a wholesale house in Riverside CA. Drove the 100 mile round trip to get the board and installed it!!!! Finally, the problem solved. I hope.

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