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From Bon's email:

"Ok, we're here in Shillong. Kind of a wild Sumo ride from Silchar, and squished for first few hours, but then 2 fellows left and we could spread out and be comfortable for the remaining several hours. Really a beautiful ride - up and down mountains interspersed by broad agricultural areas, at times some kind of water - river, lake, pond - and in Megalaya a large, rather dry - almost arid - rolling hills area the fellows in Silchar called the plateau (but not, really. Anyway - we're here and settled into the Magnum Hotel, right in the center of town. Older place, definitely dated, but ok. Pricier than we'd wanted - 2200 + maybe another 27% in taxes (?!) but we checked several places - whether pricey or moderate - checked the Youth Hostel but they were "all full" - you know, the all full that means there's no way they want us to stay there, haha! Think it's all young single guys living there actually. Checked another older one a few doors away - what a CREEPY place! Gave both Mare & I the willys just to be in it. Really bad smell and equally bad vibes -Gag!!!! Anyway, Magnum - appropriate, no? But I have yet to see a real Magnum - sigh!"

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