Moroccan Days (and Nights) 2016 travel blog

Beach scene Casablanca

Hassan II Mosque Casablanca

Fes yesterday

Our final night in Morocco! Of course , now the weather is delightful... we drove into Casablanca today- huge city, 6 million - I would take a pass in the future, very busy, lots of air pollution but true we did not spend anytime here. Said took us to visit the Hassan II mosque, the largest in Morocco and 13th largest in the world. The minaret is 689 ft tall and it is the tallest minaret. We missed going inside due to 3pm call to prayer.

A country of contrasts -poised to enter developed world but hampered by (my opinion only) by the religion and treatment of women. Really beautiful country and wonderful people- definitely worth a visit .

We fly out at 6am so must be at airport at 4am everyone.

Adieu and thanks for following the journal.

See you soon.


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