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Islands on the way to Koh Lanta

Koh Mook island, on route to Koh Lanta

Slow ferry that shuttles people around the islands

Motorbike rental ... all they had was pink helmets ... $8 for...

Its not always sunny in paradise! Afternoon thunderstorm

Rains come around 3pmish each day. View of our bungalow row

The beach out front our bungalows. Very rocky ... ocean is like...

Along the shoreline near the ferry docks are dozens of restaurants

This is what happens if you leave you bike for a minute...

Mu Ko Lanta National Park. Good hiking and nice beaches where you...

Jungle hike Mu Ko Lanta park ... Kanchanaburi tree ... and yes,...

Pristine beach within the park. No garbage allowed or you pay fines

Hike to Khlong Chuk waterfalls ... termite mound

We didn't take the elephant ride on the hike ... poor guy

The other side of town

People are having to migrate into shanty towns to make way for...

They build among the mangroves as its easy access to fishing

Money doesn't always mean happiness

Koh Lipe was beautiful but onward to Koh Lanta. We took a small ferry which hops and drops people off at a few islands within the archepeligo. Most beautiful ferry ride we've ever been on. Some of these islands are right out of a Guilligan's island episode.

Koh Lanta is still part of the Krabi province on Thailand’s Andaman coast. It’s known for its coral-fringed beaches, mangroves, limestone outcrops and rainforests. Scooters are $8 a day and we've rented one almost every day to explore some of what this island is famous for

Mu Ko Lanta National Park spans several islands and a protected area can be found on the southern end of the island. We did a hike thru the jungles of the main park area ... only 1.75km but took us 2 hours. The humidity was tough, plus for some reason we always seemed to be going up hill. Was a great hike ... didn't see any animals, but could hear all the jungle noises.

Down the road a bit you can also visit the Khao Mai Kaew cave network and Khlong Chak Waterfall. Here is where they "tourist it up" and claim you need a guide to take you in ... very dangerous jungle lady ... and even better if you hire an elephant to take you part of the way ... only $40 each ... yah ... politely no thank you. We just drove our motor bike down the dirt road ... parked for $1 and paid our $2.50 entrance fee. Was an easy 20 min walk and miraculously we survived without any snake bites or jungle feaver. All in good fun!

Our bungalow for the first week has been at "Lanta Pavillion Resort". Nice bungalows ... property has a pool (Full of kids) and right on Klong Khong beach. Since this island has a lot to explore, great beaches, and plus we just want to chill before we head back home ... we have decided to spend the rest of our trip here before making the trek to Bangkok for our flight home.


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