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Walkway to the Falls

The "Falls"

Mr Goanna

Chasing me away...

6th November – Mumbulla Falls

It’s our last day at Tathra and so after the mandated wash of the towels we sat around for a while then went to lunch at the Tathra Bowlo. I was going to have the pork roast but fell for the rissoles.

After that we drove off to find Mumbulla Falls.

It was over forest roads that, though unsealed, were ok gravel roads, not another vehicle was sighted outbound, returning it was like being caught up in the Dakar rally with the drivers assuming no one would be going the other way…

The falls themselves were not that spectacular as can be seen in the pictures. What was spectacular was the resident goanna who had trained itself to rummage through peoples picnic stuff looking for food and if you put up any protest it chases you away…. Research has shown them to actually be venomous so I took some pics being chased whilst tactfully withdrawing… My petite Grapefruit and Gracie stayed in the car

Then I cleaned the dust off the car because our next stop is Greenwell Point so I can check on my parents who live in Greenwell Gardens and they will have to get into the car to go to the Wollongong Workers Club for an all they can eat lunch...

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