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Structure at astrological site

Entrance to Maharaja's castle

Can you spot the leopard??

Aries column

Entrance to Maharaja's castle

Vats for perfumed water

Today was another travel day as we made our way from Ranthambore to Jaipur. When we arrived in Jaipur went to the Jaipur astrological centre which had a number of structures built in the 17th and 18th century such as a very large sundial which we determined was 10 minutes slow, and then several other structures that tracked the astrolical signs. These were used to predict futures for the Maharajas that built the centre. After about 25 minutes we made our way to the Maharaja 's castle which was very elaborate. Unfortunately we were unable to take pictures inside but believe me when I say those guys never worried about money. After visiting the Maharaja's castle we were told we were going for a surprise. We hopped into 5 taxis and drove for about 45 minutes through Jaipur until we reached a wooded Area which we then discovered was a wildlife sanctuary. Since we had not seen a tiger in Ranhambore our guide decided we should go to this reserve and see if we could spot a leopard. Our taxi and one other made it into the park in time to see a leopard walk away into the bush. Very majestic cat. I tried to get a picture but all I got was bush. We then we made our way to our hotel for an early evening as we are starting again at 7:00 AM tomorrow.

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