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St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall

View from Belltower Parapet, St Magnus

Local haddock and chips

3 November: Today was spent exploring Kirkwall, about 30 minutes away by bus, the capital of Orkney. The highlight of this short bus trip was seeing seals basking on a little sandbank only 10 metres or so from the road. First stop was a guided tour of St Magnus Cathedral. We had an excellent guide who took us from ground level to the parapet of the bell tower. We climbed many spiral staircases carved into the stone walls and saw not only historic items uncovered during numerous restoration and maintenance projects, but also beautiful stained glass windows that are unseen from the main church area. The Cathedral took about 300 years to build, starting about 1100 and we could easily see the change from Norman to Gothic architecture. It's not a particularly large Cathedral by UK standards but we were pretty impressed. We lunched with two members of our tour group, one of whom was terrified of heights and spent most of the 90 minutes holding Jenny's hand and not looking down! We wandered around Kirkwall and rumour has it that Lisa did enter a jewellery shop and may have added to Anna's inheritance. Back to Stromness in the late afternoon(ie after dark) and bought our first UK fish supper: excellent battered haddock and chunky chips that were clearly not commercially prepared. Jenny washed hers down with a glass of Orkney Blast beer and Lisa sampled some rose lemonade, now doesn't that highlight our fundamental differences!

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