A well deserved month away travel blog

The Parade on the Quarterdeck waiting for the off

A whale float

Dragon Boat float, I suggest we could take this up back home...

The Town Cryer lends his voice..

Walking inflatable whales

Dancing group from Wyndham

A beach near Eden

30th October - Eden

The Whale Festival has come and gone and Eden has returned to being its self….

We ventured to the Parade Yesterday morning and the parade was mainly hot rods, vintage and veteran cars with a few inflatable whales just to get the point across.

I didn’t get to see the chainsaw carving or the model boats….

Today the weather was less than exciting so we stayed indoors until we were invited out to lunch at the Great Southern…. Highlight of the day as it turned out. The little Grapefruit had the crumbed cutlets; I was feeling in an adventurous, less broccoli mood so I went with the Rosemary Garlic Lamb Back strap on a Greek salad with crunchy chats…

Then we had a bit of a drive around, went looking for the model ships and spotted 2 high and dry, ah well we should have looked yesterday….

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